Unlike popular belief, Good Agricultural Practices do not stop with harvesting. Storing and Transportation activities are also important in order to ensure that clean and safe food will land on the consumers’ table. Below, you can find some critical steps.

  • All workers are suggested to wear disposable gloves during the collection of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • During collection, fruits and vegetables shall be placed in proper and clean packs.
  • Store full packs in shadow areas, if not directly inside special facilities.
  • As far as transportation is concerned, you can select an appropriate vehicle provided with temperature and moisture control system, according to local regulations. 
  • If planning to sell fruits and vegetables to Farmers Markets, make sure your kiosk is placed in a shadowy area. Sun exposure can cause sunburn and intense respiration, which will lead to low-quality products and consequently lower prices. 

For further explanation and detailed local specifications of GAP, please consult your Local Authority (for instance Ministry of Agriculture)

Good Agricultural Practices – Summary

Understanding the risks of contamination

Crop and Field Selection, Soil Preparation

From Seeding to Harvesting

Livestock and GAP

Personal Hygiene and Gap

Food Supply Chain (Proper Storing and Transportation)


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