Verticillium wilt. It is a soil borne fungal disease that enters the peppermint plant through the root system and can finally kill it. Unfortunately, the pathogen can live in the soil for many years, without any plant host. The first precaution against Verticillium wilt would be to keep a field fallow for 4 years, if cotton or Solanaceae species (Tomato, Potato, Tobacco) were cultivated in this field. Alternatively, a farmer can sow a variety of grasses for a couple of years (ask a licensed agronomist).

Mint rust. It is a fungal disease caused by Puccinia menthae. The pathogen creates orange-brown spots on the underside of the leaves, and can lead to partial or complete defoliation. Irrigating the plants from overhead can favor the spread of the disease. Thinning the stand so as to allow better air circulation normally restrains the spread of the disease. Mint rust can be managed by spraying with fungicides (ask a licensed agronomist).

Aphids, thrips (thysanoptera) and spider mites are common pests of the peppermint plant. The common denominator of these pests is that they reside in the underside of leaves and they often cause leaves spot, leaves discoloration and partial or complete defoliation.

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