Orange tree planting and population – Number of orange trees per acre


We shall first plow the chosen field to a depth of 15 inches (40 cm). The tillage aims at destroying perennial weeds and soil fluffing, which contributes to better development of the root system of trees. In some cases, it is also beneficial to add 20 to 30 tons of manure per hectare (ask a licensed agronomist). Then, we must dig the holes in which we will transplant the young trees. The holes will be 17 inches (43 cm) deep and their diameter will be 20 inches (51 cm).

The planting distance depends mainly on soil fertility and the variety of the subject. The dense planting of young trees has been found to result in increased production during the early years of a citrus establishment. However, later on the dense planting results in a significant reduction of production, due to the crowding or trees. And while the sparse planting results in small production during the first years, later on this system leads to satisfactory crops in the trees adulthood (10-15 years).

Taking into account all the above factors, the appropriate distance must be determined by the equation “tree height is equal to the planting distance divided by two plus one”. For the orange trees, an average of 20 X 20 feet (6 X 6 meters) distance is often used. Under this scheme, we will have about 109 trees per acre, or 270 trees per hectare. In some countries, a common planting pattern is 25 x 20 feet (7,5 X 6m), which results in 87 trees per acre, or 215 trees per hectare. In a dense planting system, the distances are 15 X 15 feet (4,5 X 4,5 meters), and this results in 194 trees per acre, or 485 trees per hectare (1 hectare = 2,47 acres = 10.000 square meters).

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