Growing Orange Trees from cuttings


Growing Orange trees from cuttings is the most affordable and easy way to have orange trees in our backyard. The best season to grow an orange tree from cutting is spring, at least 4 weeks after the last frost.

First of all, we have to select a healthy mature tree from which we will pick branches. Preferably, the tree shall be located somewhere close to our yard. Since the selected orange tree has thrived in an area with nearly the same climate conditions, its cutting has many chances to thrive and become a healthy tree in our backyard. The aim is to select young, healthy and good looking branches of 1-2 years old of age. We cut 4-5 branches of different part of the trees. We cut them down so that they become 8-10 inches long (20-25 cm). We remove the leaves of the bottom 2/3 of the branches and we dip the bottom of the branches into a root growth hormone solution. Alternatively, we put root hormone powder in the bottom 1/3 of the branches. Then, we plant the branches in pots with sand, turf soil or special soil mixes (50% perlite – 50% sand). The key from now on is to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Direct access to plenty of sunlight is also beneficial, since it helps soil retain the moisture in desired levels.

About 12-14 weeks after planting, we can normally see the first well developed roots in some of the branches. Then, we can transplant the seedlings to larger pots with soil mix and well-rotted manure. Generally, the young seedlings must experience their first winter in a protected indoors environment. However, some experienced orange growers transplant directly in the field the 6-7 months old seedlings that have been grown from cuttings, during autumn. This method can be successful only in regions with mild winter.

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