Packing, Selling and Export of Dragon Fruits

The Dragon Fruit’s potential to trade in both domestic and export markets has been growing. The demand is at its peak level. Dragon Fruit Market is projected to register a […]

Dragon Fruit Harvest and Storage

Dragon fruit yield  The pitaya plants can start producing fruits 12-15 months after planting. Depending on the variety, the environmental conditions and the cultivation practices applied, and plant’s age, a […]

Dragon Fruit Plant Protection

While few data are available, it seems that the global production of dragon fruit is increasing, with more hectares to be cultivated every year. For example, more than 450 hectares […]

Dragon Fruit Fertilization

Nutrition needs of Dragon fruit Before every Dragon fruit commercial production farm starts the land preparation, it is necessary to perform soil analysis beforehand. This is to have the specific […]

Dragon Fruit Water Requirement and Irrigation Systems

As a succulent plant, the Dragon Fruit tree is a drought-tolerant plant that does not require frequent watering, but sufficient soil moisture is needed for good growth and yields. In […]

Dragon Fruit tree Training and Pruning

Pruning is the practice of selectively removing plant parts (like branches, buds, spent flowers, etc.) to control the plant regarding the morphology and the balance between vegetative growth and reproduction […]

Dragon Fruit Pollination and Propagation

Dragon Fruit Pollination Pollination is essential in fruit production of the Dragon fruit. Especially for the self-incompatible varieties, cross-pollination between different dragon fruit varieties is needed to ensure a better […]

Dragon Fruit Planting Distances and Trellising

Dragon fruit cultivation and plant yield greatly benefit and depend to an extent on good sunlight exposure (6-8 hours daily). The shady areas are not likely suitable for dragon fruit […]

Soil Requirement and Land Preparation for Dragon Fruit

Based on attitude and climate conditions, the regions below 800 meters (26-25 feet) above sea level are suitable for dragon fruit cultivation. While they are not very demanding in a […]

Dragon Fruit Plant Information and Environmental Requirements

Dragon Fruit plant information and morphology The Dragon Fruit is a tropical, perennial, epiphytic, vine-like cacti fruit tree that belongs to the Cactaceae family. This climbing cactus has triangular, green stems (up […]