Upcoming Event: The use of drones in agriculture – 16 to 27 October 2017

The use of drones has raised much attention during the last two years. Drones are widely used in a wide variety of activities, from personal fun to classified military operations.

But what can drones offer to Agriculture? How will the drones change some common agricultural control and inspection activities in the near future?

Are you interested in preparing yourself for the next day of Agriculture?

Enroll now for the upcoming e-Agriculture learning activity on the use of drones. Each day from 16 to 27 October 2017 you will receive an email with new content to explore the topic and learn more about different types of drones, how they are used, the challenges of their use and the successes.

Register here for the Learning activity on Drones

All participants will receive links to documents, blogs, videos, exercises, presentations and live webinars during which different aspects of the use of drones will be highlighted and several experts will share their experiences.


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