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Water Conservation Measures The role of Mombasa grass in a Syntropic System

Water Conservation Measures: The Role of Mombasa Grass in a Syntropic System

In my first article, I described how a course on syntropic agroforestry in Curaçao changed the direction of farming on that small but gorgeous island. In this article, I want […]

Improved water management practices empower women in the drylands of India

Water reverses climate change effects and shapes women’s lives in Bundelkhand, India A case study in Bundelkhand, India (recording the results at the end of 2023) The increased temperatures and […]

What is water use efficiency?

Water use efficiency (WUE) describes the efficiency of the plant in using the available water to grow and reproduce (e.g., in photosynthesis). WUE is directly linked with yield, and as […]

What is water conservation?

Water conservation refers to all strategies, methods, and policies directed to the reduction of water losses, needs, and wastes. Irrigation consumes 60-70% of the total fresh water that can be […]

agroecological water filter

Agroecological Water Filter: A technology to make water drinkable and safe for human consumption

The lack of drinkable water puts more and more lives at risk On UN News/Global perspective Human, the UN General Assembly President, during opening the high-level meeting on ensuring water […]

Nutrient Conservation and Cycling

Nutrient Conservation and Cycling

Soil, nutrient, and water conservation Nutrients can be conserved by reducing erosion, nutrient leaching, nutrient run-off, and burning, and investing in compensating the nutrients lost with the harvested product, nutrient […]

Soil and water conserving irrigation methods and alternatives

Soil and water conserving irrigation methods and alternatives

Cover Photo: Irrigation by water conservation for rice growing. Soil and water conservation can be combined with irrigation e.g. flood irrigation of rice in Vietnam (above). Water can also be […]

Soil and Water Conservation Strategies

Soil and Water Conservation Strategies

Several practical principles for soil and water conservations are important to be understood and combined – including how to use them so they help rather than harm and give multiple […]