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Q&As Thyme

Is Thyme perennial? Yes, thyme is perennial. Healthy thyme plants can live and produce stems, leaves and flowers for 5-7 years or even more, if the conditions are optimum. Most […]

Thyme Essential Oil Yield per Acre

Thyme Essential Oil Yield

Thyme Essential Oil Yield per Acre and Hectare   The average fresh material yield of Thyme is 6 tons (6000 kg = 13228 lbs.) per hectare, or 5355 lbs. per […]

How and When to harvest Thyme

Thyme Harvesting

How and When to harvest Thyme   Most thyme farmers do not harvest during the first year of plant establishment. They can get good yields from the second up until […]

Thyme Weed Management

Thyme Weed Control

Thyme Weed Management   Unfortunately, thyme plants often suffer from weeds, which compete with plants in terms of space, access to sunlight, water and nutrients. The presence of weeds will […]

Thyme Plant Fertilizer Recommendation

Thyme Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize Thyme plants   Thyme is famous for growing in non-fertile soils that are unsuitable for most other crops. According to some old farmers, thyme and lavender are […]

Thyme Water Requirements

Thyme Water Requirements

Thyme Plant Irrigation   Thyme is a drought tolerant plant and can be grown without artificial water supply in some cases. However, when cultivated commercially, in areas with no rainfalls […]

How to grow Thyme from Cuttings

How to grow Thyme from cuttings

Choosing the right cuttings of thyme requires experience. We generally choose healthy young branches. It is good to take cuttings during spring. Cuttings should be 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) long. […]

How to grow Thyme from seed

Thyme seeds are very small. On average, 1 oz. of thyme seed contains 120.000 seeds (4200 thyme seeds per 1 gr). When we grow herbs from seed, we must have […]

Thyme Plants Propagation and Planting

Thyme Plants Propagation and Planting

Thyme plants can be propagated by seeds or cuttings. There are pros and cons in each method. If you do not have your own healthy plants to divide, layer or […]

Thyme Growing Conditions

Thyme Growing Conditions

Thyme Climate and Soil Requirements   Thyme Climate Requirements Thyme is a frost resistant perennial plant that can withstand even the cold climate of Siberia in some cases. It is […]

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