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Sweet Potato Yield Harvest and Storage

Sweet Potato Yield, Harvest, Curing, and Storage

How much do sweet potatoes yield per hectare and acre? Sweet potatoes are generally tolerant to drought and have a light to moderate need for nutrients (fertilization). However, plants react […]

Sweet Potato Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Sweet Potato Major Pests, Diseases and Weed Control

Sweet potatoes are generally susceptible to more than 40 diseases (+20 viruses) and 40 species of pests globally. However, the type and severity of an enemy that a sweet potato […]

sweet potato fertilizer program

Sweet Potato Fertilization Requirements

Sweet Potato Nutrient Needs First, all farmers should take into account the soil condition and characteristics of their field by performing semiannual or annual soil and tissue analysis before applying […]

sweet potato water needs

Sweet Potato Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

How much water do sweet potatoes need? Sweet potato is considered a mildly drought-tolerant plant. However, it seems to face a quality drop in low humidity conditions. It responds very […]

Sweet Potato Soil Requirements, Soil Preparation, and Planting

Sweet Potato Soil Requirements, Soil Preparation, and Planting

Soil Requirements and Preparation for Sweet Potato Growing Where to plant sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes generally have similar soil requirements to other vegetable crops. The plants thrive in sandy to […]

Grow Sweet Potato Slips

How to Produce Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet potato Propagation and Planting Material Many farmers prefer to grow their own sweet potato slips (vine cuttings) by following specific procedures. The reasons they choose this method are several. […]

Sweet Potatoes for Profit

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes for Profit

Growing sweet potatoes –if done rationally and on a scalable basis- can be a good source of income. In a few words, sweet potato is a perennial plant, but growers, […]

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Your Backyard

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Your Backyard

Growing sweet potatoes in a pot More and more people like to grow their own fruits and vegetables as a hobby, for self-satisfaction, and to control what they eat. However, […]

Sweet Potato Nutrition and Health Benefits

Sweet Potato Nutrition and Health Benefits

The plant originated in Central America. During the Spanish colonial period, sweet potatoes were spread in the Philippines, and since 1604 they were already known in Japan and Europe. In […]

sweet potato plant information

Sweet Potato Plant Information and Variety Selection

Sweet Potato plant physiology and environmental needs Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L) is a dicotyledonous tropical plant of the Convolvulaceae family. It is a perennial plant (only in plant hardiness […]