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Q&As on Sheep

Q&As on Sheep

Are sheep carnivores? No, sheep are herbivores What is the normal body temperature of sheep? The normal rectal temperature for sheep is 100.9–103.8 °F (38.3–39.9 °C). At what age can […]

Can I make money from managing sheep?

Is Sheep Farming profitable?

Can someone get profit from Raising Sheep? Of course sheep farming can be profitable, but on a medium to large scale. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world make […]

Sheep Waste Management

Sheep Manure Production and Waste Management

Keeping our farm clean is the key to raise healthy and thriving sheep. We must daily remove their waste and the bedding from the shelter, because they attract flies and […]

Sheep Care Health and Well Being

Sheep Care Basics

Sheep Care, Health & Well Being Unfortunately, sheep often suffer from internal parasites as well as other diseases. Sheep farmers deworm their sheep often (get advice from your local licensed […]

Sheep Milk Production

Sheep Milk Production

When and How to milk Sheep – Dairy Sheep Milk Production and Yield   The average female sheep can mate at an age of 7-9 months old (there are striking […]

Feeding Sheep Basics

How to feed Sheep

What do Sheep eat – Feeding Sheep Basics – Dairy and Meat Sheep Nutrition Sheep are grazers. They prefer to eat short, tender pasture very close to the field surface. […]

How to select Sheep

Selecting Sheep for milk or meat

Selection of Sheep – General Strategy A common mistake of inexperienced farmers is that they often start raising just one sheep. The sheep is a very social animal, with a […]

Sheep Housing 101

Housing Sheep

Building the Sheep Farm – How to house Sheep As it happens in all livestock activities, we start by building our sheep establishment well before we welcome our animals. We […]

How to raise Sheep

How to raise Sheep

Sheep Raising Basics – Introduction to Sheep Farming Sheep is a very friendly and calm animal that can live in harmony with chickens, horses, goats etc., while producing valuable dairy […]