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Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary seeds

Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary seeds

Scientific Name (Species, Family): Rosmarinus officinalis, Lamiaceae Common name(s): Rosemary Type of reproductive material: Seed Weight of 100 seeds: 0.148 g / 0.005 oz Plant life cycle: Perennial (in nature), […]

Rosemary Yield per Acre

Rosemary Plant and Essential Oil Yield

Rosemary Plant Material and Essential Oil Yield per Acre The average rosemary yield of fresh plant material is 20 tons per hectare, or 8 tons (17636 lbs.) per acre (keep […]

Q&As Rosemary Plant

Q&As Rosemary Plant

Is Rosemary a perennial? Yes, rosemary is a perennial plant and -if the conditions are optimum- a healthy and well cared plant can live up to 20 years. Why is […]

How and When to harvest Rosemary

Rosemary Harvest

When and how to harvest Rosemary for stems and essential oil   Most farmers do not harvest rosemary for the first 15-21 months after sowing or plants establishment. From the […]

Rosemary Weed Management

Rosemary Weed Control

Rosemary Weed Management   Unfortunately, rosemary plants often suffer from weeds, which compete with plants in terms of space, access to sunlight, water and nutrients. The presence of weeds will […]

Rosemary Fertilizer Recommendations

Rosemary Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize rosemary plants – Rosemary Fertilization Schedule   As it happens in every other crop, there can’t be any universal fertilization rule, because every field is different and […]

Rosemary Water Requirements

Rosemary Water Requirements

Irrigating Rosemary Plants   Rosemary is a draught tolerant plant. However, when someone grows it commercially, it is beneficial not to let the soil dry out completely for a long […]

Sowing and Planting Rosemary

Sowing and Planting Rosemary, Seeding Rate and Plant Population

We can start rosemary plants from seeds or cuttings. There are pros and cons in each method. If you plan to cultivate rosemary at a large scale, starting rosemary plants […]

Rosemary Growing Conditions

Rosemary Growing Conditions

Rosemary Climate and Soil Requirements Rosemary Climate Requirements Rosemary needs at least 6-8 hours of daily sun exposure and prefers warm and moderately dry climates. The plant originated from Mediterranean […]

Growing Rosemary for Profit

Growing Rosemary for Profit

Professional Cultivation of Rosemary – Starting a Rosemary Farm Growing commercially rosemary plants for fresh/dry stems or essential oil has become a new trend in agribusiness during the last two […]