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Rice Farming

Rice Harvesting, Yield per Hectare and Storage

Harvesting on time; Why does this matter? The biological cycle of rice (days from seedling to harvest) ranges from 95 days (very early varieties) to almost 250 days (very late […]

Rice Farming

Rice Pest and Diseases

Every year, more than one-third of rice crop production is lost to pests and diseases. It is important to know our crop enemies and form an environmentally friendly approach in […]

Rice Farming

Nutrient Management in Rice Crops – Rice Plant Fertilization

What nutrients does rice need in order to grow properly ? Rice Fertilization Scheme First of all, you have to take into consideration the soil condition of your field through […]

Rice Farming

Rice Planting, Seeding Requirements – Seed Rate of Rice

As is the case in many other commercial crops, commercial growing of rice can start either by direct sowing of seeds or by raising the plants in nurseries and then […]

Rice Farming

Rice Field and Soil Preparation

Rice is a resilient plant and can grow in almost all types of soil. As long as it is irrigated sufficiently (either by irrigation or by rainfall), it can grow […]

Rice Farming

How to grow Rice – Rice Complete Growing Guide from Seeding to Harvest

There are over 7000 rice varieties that are cultivated nowadays. As a rule of thumb, we need a large supply of water and low labor costs (or mechanical means of […]

Rice Farming

Rice Plant Wiki – Info & Uses

Rice as a commodity around the world Rice is one of the most popular foods especially in Asia, where the vast majority of the world production takes place. Rice is […]

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