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Farmers-Scientists panel on Climate-Smart Agriculture

Farmers – Scientists panel on Climate – Smart Agriculture

Scientists working on crops of huge economical & food safety importance will present the latest climate-smart agriculture ideas. Organized jointly by The Global Plant Council and WIKIFARMER. Scientists, working on […]

Potato Plant Info & Uses

Q&As on Potato

When to plant potatoes? At least two weeks from the last frost (February- April depending on the region) Alternatively, you can plant during the summer (July – start of August). […]

Kartoffelernte, Ertrag und Lagerung - Wie viel Ertrag bringt eine Kartoffel? - Wie frisch geerntete Kartoffeln lagern?

Potato Harvest Yield & Storage

Harvesting and Storing Potatoes – Potato Yield per Acre   A widely used pre harvesting technique is called “killing”. Many farmers “kill” the potato plants by stopping all irrigation, by […]

Potato Diseases and Pests

Potato Pests and Diseases

Common Potato Plants Pests and Diseases Unfortunately, potato plants often suffer from various pests and diseases across the world. The first precaution against pests and diseases is crop rotation and […]

Potato Water Requirements

Potato Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

How to irrigate potatoes – Potato Irrigation Requirements   The irrigation systems most commonly used in potato cultivation are drip irrigation (labor intensive), sprinkler systems, overhead rain guns and boom […]

Potato Fertilizer Requirements

Potato Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize potatoes – Common Potato Fertilizer Programs   First of all, you have to take into consideration the soil condition of your field through semiannual or annual soil […]

Potato Seeding Rate per Hectare

Potato Planting Seeding Rate and Plant Spacing

Potato Seeding Requirements – Number of Potato plants per hectare and acre We start by purchasing the potato seed. It is necessary to purchase only certified disease-free seed potatoes from […]

How to prepare the soil for potato planting

Soil Preparation and Soil Requirements for Potatoes

Generally, we should not cultivate potatoes in the same field for two years in succession, because the soil will be depleted and the danger of disease dissemination increases significantly. A […]

How to grow potatoes as a pro

Growing Potatoes for Profit

Starting a Potato Farm – Professional Cultivation of Potato   Potato farming –if done rationally and on a scalable basis- can be a good source of income, provided you have […]

Growing Backyard Potatoes

How to grow Potatoes

Backyard Growing Potatoes   In a few words, we plant potatoes seeds in “hills” choosing a sunny part of our field during late winter – spring (February- April in most […]

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