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Protecting Pollinators: Safeguarding Nature’s Essential Insect Workforce

In the huge and diverse agroecosystem, there is an essential yet unsung player: the humble pollinator insect. These winged wonders visit one blossom after another, transferring pollen—truly allowing the reproduction […]

The importance of a pollinator-friendly garden and how to create one

Plants depend on pollination. Nearly ninety percent of wild flowering plants need pollinators like bees to transfer pollen for successful sexual reproduction. In turn, these plants are critical in the […]

how to propagate apricot trees

How to Propagate and Pollinate Apricot Trees

Apricot Propagation The apricot tree is mainly propagated vegetatively to maintain the variety purity and, as a result, the desirable characteristics. Trees can be propagated by grafting (T-grafting) or budding […]

Cherry Tree Propagation and Pollination

Cherry Tree Propagation and Pollination

Cherry Tree Propagation As in many popular fruit trees, the cherry tree is propagated by grafting. Cherries can also be propagated by seeds, but it is usually not recommended for […]