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Q&As Pistachio Tree

Q&As Pistachio Tree

What is Pistachio Tree’s root depth? The average root depth of a mature pistachio tree is 10 feet (3 meters). However, the root width can sometimes exceed 23-26 feet (7-8 […]

Pistachio Tree Diseases and Pests

Pistachio Tree Diseases and Pests

Verticillium wilt. It is a soil borne fungal disease that enters the pistachio tree through the root system and can finally kill the tree. After some years, it actually blocks […]

Pistahio Tree Harvest and Yield

Pistachio Tree Harvest and Yield

Harvesting pistachio trees – Pistachio Tree Yield   Pistachios split before they are harvested. Thus, they must not fall in the ground, because they run the risk of contamination from […]

Pistachio Tree Irrigation

Pistachio Tree Water Requirements

Pistachio Tree Irrigation – How to water Pistachio trees Although considered tolerant to drought, pistachio tree systematically gives higher yields when water is available, especially during the summer months. In […]

Pistachio Tree Fertilizer Requirements

Pistachio Tree Fertilizer Requirements

Pistachio Tree Fertilization – How to fertilize Pistachio Trees   Nitrogen is the major element required for proper shoot growth and good yields. Nitrogen deficiencies often result in excessive defoliation […]

How to train and prune Pistachio Trees

Pistachio Tree Training and Pruning

How to train and prune pistachio trees In general, pistachio trees need less pruning than other fruit trees (apple, citrus etc.) However, the same rules of fruit trees pruning apply. […]

How to plant Pistachio Trees

Pistachio Tree Planting

Transplanting Pistachio Tree – Number of Pistachio Trees per hectare and acre   Planting of young pistachio seedlings in the field can take place from late fall (November or definitely […]

Pistachio Tree Soil Requirements

Pistachio Tree Soil Conditions and Preparation

Pistachio Tree Soil Requirements Although it can be adapted to a variety of soils, pistachio tree prefers relatively deep, light, dry and sandy loam soils, with high calcium carbonate (CaCO3) […]

Pistachio Tree Propagation and Pollination

Pistachio Tree Propagation and Pollination

How to propagate and pollinate pistachio tree Pistachio Tree Propagation As it happens in many other popular fruit trees, the pistachio tree is propagated by budding. Professional pistachio growers benefit […]

Pistachio Tree Climate Conditions

Pistachio Tree Growing Conditions

Pistachio Tree Climate Requirements In a few words, pistachio tree thrives in areas with a long hot summer and a cold winter, as the tree must experience certain hours of […]