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Pistachio Tree Irrigation

Pistachio Tree Water Requirements

Pistachio Tree Irrigation – How to water Pistachio trees Although considered tolerant to drought, pistachio tree systematically gives higher yields when water is available, especially during the summer months. In […]

How to train and prune Pistachio Trees

Pistachio Tree Training and Pruning

How to train and prune pistachio trees In general, pistachio trees need less pruning than other fruit trees (apple, citrus etc.) However, the same rules of fruit trees pruning apply. […]

Pistachio Tree Climate Conditions

Pistachio Tree Growing Conditions

Pistachio Tree Climate Requirements In a few words, pistachio tree thrives in areas with a long hot summer and a cold winter, as the tree must experience certain hours of […]

Professional Cultivation of Pistachio

Starting a Pistachio Orchard

How to start a pistachio farm – How to grow Pistachio Trees – Growing Pistachios for profit Commercial cultivation of pistachio trees (especially in US) is constantly increasing during the […]

Growing Pistachio Tree from nut

How to grow Pistachio Tree from nut

Growing Pistachio Tree from seed As it happens in many fruit trees (citrus, apple etc.) a pistachio tree grown from seed may not bear fruits for the whole of its […]