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Raising Pigs 101

Q&As Pigs

How long does it take to raise a pig for slaughter? The average meat pig weighing 50 lbs. (22 kg) being 7 weeks old will have a weight of 230 […]

Raising Pigs 101

Pig Manure Production and Waste Management

Keeping our farm clean is the key to raise healthy and thriving pigs. We must daily remove their waste from the shelters and pigpens, because they attract flies and insects. […]

Tierhaltung und GAP

Pigs Health, Diseases & Symptoms

Pigs often suffer from internal parasites and skin diseases. It is good to deworm our pigs every 6 weeks (consult your vet). Contemporary deworm medication is very safe for pigs […]

Gesundheit, Krankheiten und Beschwerden bei Schweinen - Welche Krankheiten können Schweine bekommen?

How to feed Pigs

Feeding Pigs Basics – What do Pigs eat   Until nowadays, there is an ongoing debate on the proper pig feed program. There are mainly two different approaches, “Pasture” vs. […]

Die Auswahl von Schweinen

Selecting Pigs

How to select pigs for meat or as pets   As it happens in nearly all livestock categories, selecting an animal is not an easy task. It requires research and […]

Housing Pigs – Designing the Pig Farm

How to house Pigs We always start by building our pig establishment well before we welcome our piglets. Delaying in creating a shelter for our animals is another common mistake […]

Raising Pigs 101

How to raise Pigs

Pig Raising Basics – Introduction to Raising Pigs   Similarly to any other livestock activity, if you possess the triangle “Land – Time – Energy”, then you can feel the […]

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