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Pear Tree Climate Requirements

Pear Tree Climate Conditions

Pear Tree Growing Conditions – Pear Tree Climate Requirements   In general, the pear tree thrives in cold and wet climate, where there is winter cold along with a cool […]

How to fertilize Pear Trees

Pear Tree Fertilizer Requirements

Pear Tree Fertilization Program – How to fertilize Pear Trees   Contemporary farming practices suggest that once a year (on summer –July, August) we should collect at least 100 leaves […]

How to fertilize Pear Trees

Q&As on Pear Tree

Do pear trees self-pollinate? Some of them do, but the majority of pear tree varieties do not self-pollinate. If you grow pear trees for fruits (rather than as ornamental), you […]

Pear Tree Pests and Diseases

Pear Tree Pests and Diseases

Just like apple (but to a lesser extent), pear is a delicious fruit that unfortunately does not attract only humans. Aphids, moths, beetles, leafhoppers and spider mites often attack the […]

Pear Tree Harvest and Yield

Pear Tree Harvest and Yield

Pear Tree Thinning, Harvesting and Yield Thinning Pear Trees Pear tree thinning is crucial in order to have a good yield and normalize the production throughout the years (minimize the […]

How to prune Pear Trees

Pear Tree Pruning

How to train and prune Pear Trees   Healthy pear trees need minimum pruning, but effective pruning methods have been found to improve yields, product quality and tree health in […]

Pear Tree Irrigation

Pear Tree Water Requirements

Pear Tree Irrigation – How to water Pear Trees   The average young pear tree needs a lot of water in order to develop strong roots, leaves and finally fruits. […]

How to plant Pear Trees

How to plant Pear Trees

Pear Tree Planting, Spacing and Tree Population – Number of Pear Trees per Hectare   We start by digging a hole of 25 inches (63cm) diameter and 25 inches (63cm) […]

How to Propagate and Pollinate Pear Trees

Pear Tree Propagation and Pollination

Pear Tree Propagation Like most fruit trees, contemporary cultivation methods suggest that pear trees are propagated by grafting. If we start pear trees from seeds of a known variety, those […]

Pear Tree Soil Requirements and Preparation

Pear Tree Soil Requirements and Preparation

Pear Tree Soil Conditions and Preparation   The pear tree can thrive in an average soil with pH close to 7, provided that is well drained and free from stagnated […]

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