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Growing Lavender for Profit

Growing Lavender for Profit

Starting a Lavender Farm – Professional Cultivation of Lavender Growing commercially lavender for fresh or dried flowers and/or essential oil has raised much attention during the last two decades. Lavender […]

Q&As Lavender Plant

Q&As Lavender Plant

Is lavender a perennial? Yes, lavender plant is perennial. Healthy and mature plants can live and produce floral stems for 15-20 years or even more, if the conditions are optimum. […]

Lavender Essential Oil Yield per hectare

Lavender Essential Oil Yield

Lavender Plant and Essential Oil Yield per acre   During the first two years, the lavender production will be relatively low (and in some cases almost zero) compared to the […]

How and When to harvest Lavender

Lavender Harvest

Harvesting Lavender – When and how to harvest lavender   Lavender grows slowly during the first year, and many farmers cut the flowering stems when the first buds open during […]

Lavender Weed Management

Lavender Weed Control

Lavender Weed Management   Unfortunately, lavender plants often suffer from weeds, which compete with plants in terms of space, access to sunlight, water and nutrients. The presence of weeds will […]

How to prune Lavender

Lavender Pruning

How to prune Lavender   Pruning is necessary for the development and protection of our plants. Many farmers cut the flowering stems when the first buds open during the first […]

Lavender Fertilizer Programs

Lavender Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize Lavender Plants   Lavender is famous for growing in non-fertile soils that are unsuitable for most other crops. According to old farmers, lavender is one of a […]

Lavender Irrigation

Lavender Water Requirements

Lavender Irrigation – How to irrigate Lavender   Newly established plants (started from seeds or cuttings) need more water than mature plants. Young plants need artificial water supply in order […]

Lavender Seeding Requirements

Sowing Lavender Seeding Rate and Plant Population

We can start lavender plants from seeds or cuttings. There are pros and cons in each method. If you plan to cultivate lavender at a large scale, starting plants from […]

Lavender Climate and Soil Requirements

Lavender Growing Conditions

Lavender Climate and Soil Requirements and Preparation   Lavender Climate Requirements Lavender needs at least 6-8 hours of daily sun exposure and prefers warm and moderately dry climates, mild winters […]