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Fragen und Antworten: Pferde

Q&As Horses

Are horses herd animals? Yes they are. Horses are very social animals that prefer to live in a herd. There are of course numerous farmers claiming that they have raised […]

Pferdemist und Management - Wie düngt man mit Pferdemist?

Horse Waste and Manure Management

Keeping the horse property clean is the key to raise healthy and thriving horses. We must daily remove their waste and the bedding from the horse property, because they attract […]

Gesundheit, Sicherheit & Pflege für Pferde

Health Safety and Care of Horses

How to take care of horses   Since we have decided to raise horses, it is necessary to have an organized and tidy place, where we are supposed to store […]

How to feed horses - What do horses eat

How to feed Horses

Feeding horses Basics – Types of horse feed When it comes to feeding horses, we have the well-known “Pasture Vs. Commercial Feed” debate. It is true that horses (just like […]

How to Select a horse

Selecting a Horse

How to buy or adopt a horse   If you want to purchase or adopt a horse and you are first time owner, then the local horse loving communities’ members […]

Horse Housing Basics

Housing Horses

How to house horses and design the horse property   Keep in mind that in some countries you must first obtain a state license or approval before accommodating horses. Please […]

Raising Horses 101

How to raise Horses

Introduction to horse raising – Raising Horses Basics   If you possess the triangle “Enough Land – Enough Time – Enough Energy”, you can feel the joy of raising your […]

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