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Exploring the world of Microgreens

From seed to super-food – Exploring the world of Microgreens

What are Microgreens? Microgreens are young, tender, and edible seedlings of various vegetables and herbs. They are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves (the first leaves that appear during germination) […]


Mustard History, Plant Information, and Nutritional Value

Mustard History Mustard seeds have been used as a spice since antiquity, with mentions in Indian and Sumerian writings reaching 3000 BCE. The discovery of mustard seeds in Tutankhamun’s tomb […]

Poultry Egg Types

Poultry Egg Types

In poultry farming, several varieties of eggs are produced by different types of poultry birds. In these article we are going to dive more in the most common poultry egg […]

Eggs: Nutritional Value & Health Benefits

Eggs: Nutritional Value & Health Benefits

Nutritional Value Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein and provide essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 and choline. They are also a source of healthy fats and are […]


History, Uses, and Nutritional value of oilseed rape (Canola)

What is the difference between canola and rapeseed oil? The confusion between canola and rapeseed or industrial rapeseed is quite common. Both are annual oil crops of great economic importance. […]

Endive health benefits

Endive and Escarole: Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Green vegetables are interwoven with healthy nutrition and lifestyle and not unfairly. The majority of green vegetables offer a wide variety of nutrients when consumed mainly raw, providing many beneficial […]


Jackfruit: The indigenous Nutritious Fruit from India

Co-authors:  Seema S. and Sowmiya Mahadevan, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) – National Food Laboratory (NFL), Chennai, India Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam) is a complex fruit grown […]

kiwi facts

11 Interesting Facts about Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is native to China and was initially called “Yang Tao.” It was renamed “kiwifruit” in New Zealand after the kiwi bird, which has a similar brown, fuzzy exterior. Kiwifruit […]


Onion: Info, Nutritional Value, and Health Benefits

Onion Information Onions are one of the most commonly consumed and cultivated vegetables globally. While the onion is a biennial (or perennial) plant in nature, farmers treat it as an […]

Groundnut: Plant Information, History, Uses and Nutrition Value

Interesting facts about Groundnut/Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Groundnut is a versatile and economically significant plant that has played a prominent role in human history. It is the sixth most important oilseed […]