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Cotton Harvesting and Yields

Cotton Harvest & Yields

Harvesting Cotton and Cotton Yield per Acre 5,5 to 6,5 months after sowing, cotton is normally ready to be harvested. As it happens in any other crop, knowing exactly which […]

Cotton Water Requirements

Cotton Water Requirements

How to irrigate cotton plants – Cotton Irrigation   As a rule of thumb, cotton plant needs a minimum of 500 mm of water between germination and boll formation. A […]

Q&As Cotton

Q&As Cotton

Is Cotton planted every year? Yes. Exactly as it happens with tomatoes, peppers and other plants, although cotton is a perennial plant, we cultivate it as annual. This means that […]

Cotton Weed Management

Cotton Weed Control

Cotton Weed Management   Cotton plants are very sensitive to weeds, which compete aggressively with the plants in terms of water, sunlight and valuable nutrients. It is necessary for all […]

Cotton Plant Fertilizer Requirements

Cotton Plant Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize Cotton Plants As it happens in every other crop, there can’t be any universal fertilization scheme, because every field is different and has different needs. Performing soil […]

How to pollinate cotton plants

Cotton Plant Pollination

Some cotton plants are self-fertile and self-pollinating, while others need pollinators. Theoretically, the average self-pollinating cotton plant does not need bees in order to pollinate and produce fiber or seeds. […]

Cotton Seeding Requirements

Cotton Sowing, Seeding Rate and Plant Population

How to sow cotton – Cotton Seeding Rate- Number of Cotton Plants per hectare   Cotton seed is one of the most important parameters for a good yield. Only certified […]

Cotton Climate and Soil Requirements

Cotton Growing Conditions

Cotton Plant Climate Requirements Cotton is a plant that needs a long frost-free period, a lot of heat and plenty of sunshine. It prefers warm and humid climate. Cotton seeds […]

How to grow Cotton

How to grow Cotton

Cotton Cultivation – Growing Cotton from Seed As it happens with tomato, pepper and other plants, cotton plants are perennial by nature. However, since we expect to take a fairly […]

Cotton Info and Uses

Cotton Plant Information

Cotton Plant Wiki Cotton plant is a shrub and is widely cultivated in over 90 countries for its fiber and secondly for seeds. About 2,5% of world cropland is planted […]