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Raising Pigs 101

Livestock and GAP

If your farming activity involves livestock, some crucial things to have in mind are: Strictly follow the local regulations about the type of animal species you are allowed to raise, […]

Lebensmittelversorgungskette (ordnungsgemäße Lagerung und Transport)

Food Supply Chain (Proper Storing and Transportation)

Unlike popular belief, Good Agricultural Practices do not stop with harvesting. Storing and Transportation activities are also important in order to ensure that clean and safe food will land on […]

Körperhygiene und GAP

Personal Hygiene and Gap

Personal Hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing any of the 3 types of contamination. Before entering production areas, farmers should wash their hands properly and regularly […]

Von der Aussaat bis zur Ernte

From Seeding to Harvesting

Use of Certified Seeds and healthy seedlings The selection of certified seeds is crucial for ensuring Good Agricultural Practices. It is better to look for varieties that are disease resistant. […]

Almond Tree Soil Preparation

Crop and Field Selection, Soil Preparation

One of the first things you can do is make a research on the crop history of your field, the soil identity, and structure (consider a soil analysis). This will […]

Die Gefahren von Kontaminationen verstehen

Understanding the risks of contamination

There are three major categories of Food Safety Hazards  -Physical contamination (for instance foreign objects, such as small stones can be found in fresh vegetables) -Biological contamination (for instance Escherichia […]

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