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How to start an Orange Orchard

Growing Orange Trees for Profit

How to start an Orange Orchard – Growing Orange Trees Commercially   The success of a commercial citrus farm depends on the climate conditions of the region, the selection of […]

Q&As Orange Tree

How many oranges does an average tree produce? 200-350 Why do my orange tree leaves curl? A plant pathology diagnosis cannot be made from the internet. However, aphids (small insects) […]

Orange Tree Diseases and Pests

Orange Tree Diseases and Pests

Orange trees can be heavily affected by insects (mainly aphids) and also by fungal, bacterial and virus diseases. Aphids (mainly Aphis spiraecola) are small flies that are fed with the […]

Orange Tree Harvest and Yields

Orange Fruits Ripening – When and how to harvest Oranges   Oranges reach acceptable ripening about 6-12 or even 14 months after flowering and may be harvested within a period […]

How to prune Orange Trees

Pruning Orange Trees

How to prune Orange Trees   In general, if we remove part of the crown from healthy adult citrus trees, this will directly result in proportionate reduction of their production. […]

Orange Tree Water Requirements

Orange Trees Irrigation – How to irrigate citrus trees   The average orange tree responds greatly to water supply. Many researchers have reported that lemons and oranges generally increase by […]

Orange Tree Fertilizer Requirements

Orange Tree Fertilizer Requirements

How to fertilize citrus trees   Orange trees have certain needs in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Some microelements are also necessary (iron, boron, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, zinc and copper). […]

How to plant Orange Trees

Planting Orange Trees

Orange tree planting and population – Number of orange trees per acre   We shall first plow the chosen field to a depth of 15 inches (40 cm). The tillage […]

How to propagate and Pollinate Orange Trees

Orange Tree Propagation and Pollination

Orange Tree Propagation If orange farmers select to grow an orange tree from seed, this tree will probably not be able to produce fruits in less than 10 years. Moreover, […]

Choosing Orange Varieties

The decision on which variety to plant and cultivate is probably one of the most important decisions an orange grower will make. This decision will affect his/her production, routine and […]

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