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Common Bee Diseases and Pests

Common Bee Diseases and Pests

Bee Pests and Diseases Management Unfortunately, honeybees often suffer from various pests and diseases. Some of them are minor and can be managed even after their spread. Hence they will […]

Honey Bee Swarming

Honey Bee Swarming

Understanding and controlling swarming   The natural proliferation and reproduction of the apiary is called swarming. Swarming normally takes place during spring or early summer (April – June). In a […]

Where to place beehives

Beehive Location and Placement

Beehive Placement – Where to place beehives The location where we will place our hives is crucial and will play a major role in the quantity and quality of the […]

Beekeeping Supplies basics

Beehive and Equipment Supply

How to choose Beehive – What does a beekeeper need We start beekeeping with the purchase of our first beehives. 2-4 beehives are enough for the first year, in order […]

How to prepare beehives for winter

Preparing Beehives for Winter

Beehive winter preparation –How to prepare beehives for winter Winter is the most difficult season for bees, especially if the beekeeper hasn’t prepared the hives correctly. This is the time […]