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How to feed Bees

How to feed Bees

Bee Feeding Recommendations – Introduction to Bee Feeding   Bees need certain nutrients for survival and development. They cover those needs from nectar and pollen of plants. But since in […]

How and when to harvest honey

Harvesting Honey

Beehive honey collection – Honey Extraction Basics   Honey can be harvested in two major types: Comb and Extracted honey. Comb honey is the type of honey that is harvested […]

Beekeeping for Beginners - Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping for beginners

Beekeeping Basics – Introduction to Beekeeping   Beekeeping is an exciting world in which we connect with nature while producing top quality honey and other natural products for home or […]

Das Schwärmen von Honigbienen

Understanding Bee Social Structure and Organization

The bee society is consisted of the queen (which is the only sexually developed female), the worker bees and the drones. Each colony has only one queen. The primary purpose […]

How do bees produce honey

How Honey is made by Bees

How do bees produce Honey?   Worker bees (who account for at least 98% of the beehive population) are the ones that produce honey under a complicated procedure. A great […]

How do bees produce honey

Q&As on Bees

Why do bees die after they sting? Because the stinger is attached to the honeybee’s inner parts, nerves, muscles and intestine. When the (worker) honeybee stings a human, the stinger […]

Bee Poisoning

Bee Poisoning from Pesticides

A common problem that many beekeepers face is the poisoning of their bees due to pesticides. It is the beekeeper’s responsibility to protect his/her bees from foraging on plants that […]

Bedeutende Honigbienenkrankheiten - Welche Art von Krankheiten können Bienen haben?

Major Honeybee Diseases

American Foulbrood It is the disease of the sealed brood and is caused by a spore-forming bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. Adult bees are not affected by the bacterium. However, adult worker […]

Bedeutende Honigbienenschädlinge

Major Honeybee Pests

Varroa Varroa is the most common problem of a beekeeper nowadays, as these parasitic mites are widespread nearly worldwide. Varroa is caused by an external parasite (parasite mite Varroa destructor) […]

Häufige Bienenkrankheiten und Schädlinge - Welche Bienenkrankheiten gibt es?

Common Bee Diseases and Pests

Bee Pests and Diseases Management   Unfortunately, honeybees often suffer from various pests and diseases. Some of them are minor and can be managed even after their spread. Hence they […]