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Plant-based Diets: What are the Reasons to Shift?

Why shift to plant-based diets? Unveiling dietary transformations In recent years, a significant shift has unfolded in our culinary scene. Increasingly, individuals are embracing plant-based proteins over conventional animal-derived options, […]

Food Insecurity in Africa Can Insect Consumption Bridge the Protein Gap

Food Insecurity in Africa: Can Insect Consumption Bridge the Protein Gap?

Insect Farming and Food Security Africa is the second largest continent, with a population of around 1.49 billion people, which is expected to increase to 2.5 billion by 2050 (Guine et al., 2021). […]

Exploring the Benefits and Applications of Black Soldier Fly Farming

Harnessing the Power of Black Soldier Fly Farming: A Scientific Perspective Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture Global food security challenges and environmental degradation have underscored the importance of sustainability in agriculture. Recently, […]

20 Plant-based milk alternatives: Information, Production and Health Benefits

Table of contents Why choose a non-dairy milk alternative? Production process of Plant-based milks – How are plant-based milks produced? Oat Milk Rice Milk Soy milk Peanut Milk Lupin Milk […]