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Scientists Join Forces to Help Fruit and Nut Growers Adapt to Climate Change

Scientists Join Forces to Help Fruit and Nut Growers Adapt to Climate Change

The temperature rise due to climate change has led to a yield reduction of important fruit and nut trees in the Mediterranean. In this scope, scientists from different fields have […]

Almond Tree Fertilization

Almond Tree Fertilizer Requirements Contemporary commercial almond farming practices suggest that once a year (on summer – July, August) we should collect at least 100 leaves from our almond trees […]

Q&As Almond Tree

Are almond trees deciduous? Yes. Almond trees drop their leaves seasonally. Why are almond trees planted at an angle? Almond growers often plant their trees so that they have an […]

Almond Tree Pests and Diseases

Unfortunately, almond tree can suffer from various fungal and bacterial diseases and various pests. Verticillium wilt. It is a soil borne fungal disease that enters the almond tree through the […]

Almond Tree Harvest & Yields

Harvesting Almond Trees – Almond Tree Yield   Almonds Ripening Almond starts to ripen when its hull begins to split. In United States, the harvest usually begins in late summer […]

Almond Tree Water Requirements

Irrigating Almond Trees – How to irrigate almond trees Irrigation is one of the most important operations and is critical for the success of an almond orchard. The goal is […]

Almond Tree Pruning

How to prune Almond Trees As it happens in most fruit trees, we prune (or “train”) young almond trees during their first or second year in order to determine their […]

Planting Almond Trees

Almond Trees Planting, Spacing and Number of Almond Trees per hectare and acre Planting of young almond trees in the field can take place during winter (before blossoming). Before planting, […]

Almond Trees Pollination

How to pollinate Almond Trees   Most of popular almond varieties are not self-fertile; hence they need cross pollination in order to set fruits. In order to produce one almond, […]

Almond Tree Propagation

How to Propagate Almond Trees As it happens in many other popular fruit trees, the almond tree is propagated by budding. Professional almond growers benefit from a tree that is […]

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