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Medicago sativa – Alfalfa seeds

Scientific Name (Species, Family): Medicago sativa, Fabaceae Common name(s): Alfalfa / lucerne Type of reproductive material: Seed Weight of 100 seeds: 0.210 g / 0.0074 oz Plant life cycle: Perennial […]

Q&As Alfalfa

Q&As Alfalfa

What is the scientific name of alfalfa? Medicago sativa Can people eat alfalfa? Yes humans can eat alfalfa, which is an excellent source of vitamins, proteins and minerals etc. If […]

Alfalfa Crop Rotation

Alfalfa Crop Rotation

Most farmers stop cultivating their alfalfa stands after the 4th year, because the yield has decreased significantly (it may drop 15% every year). As it happens in many other plants, […]

How and When to harvest Alfalfa

Alfalfa Harvest & Yield per acre

Harvest of alfalfa normally takes place just before the flowering. Many experienced farmers claim that it’s possible that you will never see alfalfa blossoms from seeding through plow down. The […]

Alfalfa Irrigation

Alfalfa Water Requirements

How to irrigate Alfalfa Although alfalfa is a drought tolerant plant, it needs certain levels of soil moisture in order to give sustainably high yields for 4 years. As a […]

Alfalfa Fertilizer Requirements

Alfalfa Fertilizer Requirements

Alfalfa Fertilization   Alfalfa gets adequate nitrogen supply from its symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing Rhizobium bacteria. The average hectare of alfalfa will fix about 1100 lbs. (500 kg) of […]

Alfalfa Seeding Requirements

Sowing and Seeding Rate of Alfalfa

How to sow Alfalfa seeds – Alfalfa Seeding Rate and Number of Plants per Acre   Alfalfa seeds can be sown during autumn or spring. It is more common to […]

Alfalfa Soil Requirements - Variety Selection - Weed Management

Alfalfa Soil Requirements – Variety Selection – Weed Management

There are over 200 known varieties of Alfalfa, but only 6-8 are used commercially at a great scale. Generally, different alfalfa varieties perform differently in various growing regions. We have […]

How to grow Alfalfa

How to grow Alfalfa

Lifecycle of Alfalfa Crop In a few words, alfalfa can be sown during autumn or spring. Suppose we sow the seeds during the spring of year 1. If all things […]

Alfalfa Plant Information

Alfalfa Plant Information

Alfalfa plant is a perennial legume with trifoliate leaves and blue to violet flowers. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae (the Pea and Bean family). It is the most […]

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