Sunflower oil searches rise by 450% and has also lured Olive Oil searches to increase in March

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Sunflower oil searches have been booming recently, according to, which published its research on searches conducted on its platform. 

More specifically, according to the site’s executives, people looking to buy sunflower oil conducted more than 350,000 searches on in March. “ Searches for sunflower oil and its substitutes increase by more than 450%, mainly because of the unfortunate event of the war in Ukraine” says Ilias Sousis, CEO and co-founder of Wikifarmer and he adds: “ Russia and Ukraine are the main producers of sunflower oil, so this has disrupted the market and led agrifood buyers to search for alternative sources or for substitute products “. 

Indeed, apart from increases in sunflower oil, people visiting the platform have increased their searches for products that can substitute sunflower oil, as not only supply went down, but also prices skyrocketed in the last month. More specifically, people started looking more for corn oil (278% increase in searches), soybean oil ( 540% increase in searches) and Pomace olive oil ( 280% in searches). Another interesting element is the increase of 25% in searches for EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) as a lot of businesses have started looking for more premium alternatives of sunflower oil or might expect an increase in the price of olive oil as well as a result of the war. Olive oil still remains the top searched term in the Oil category on Wikifarmer.Com


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