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Global seminar on strengthening regulations to protect pollinators from pesticides

23 февраля @ 1:00 пп - 24 февраля @ 5:30 пп

As part of FAO’s Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture, the Global seminar on strengthening regulations to protect pollinators from pesticides will take place on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 February 2022  13:00 and 15:00 CEST respectively.

The main objectives of the global seminar are:

  1. Summarize the state of knowledge with respect to the risks of pesticides to pollinators.
  2. Review legislation protecting pollinators from pesticides.
  3. Review pesticide risk assessment procedures for pollinators.
  4. Assess how pollinators can be protected from pesticides through legislation beyond the current “single pesticide” approach.
  5. Enable dialogue among policy makers and regulators on best practices and pollinator protection policies as they relate to pesticides.
  6. Identify options to strengthen legislation to protect pollinators from pesticides, with a particular focus on low and middle income countries

Interpretation will be available into French and Spanish during the plenary sessions; parallel sessions will be held in English only.

For registration and more information click here.

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23 февраля @ 1:00 пп
24 февраля @ 5:30 пп
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