Do pear trees self-pollinate?

Some of them do, but the majority of pear tree varieties do not self-pollinate. If you grow pear trees for fruits (rather than as ornamental), you may have to plant at a close distance two or more compatible varieties, even if your tree is of a self-pollinating variety.

Are pear trees deciduous?

Most of pear trees are deciduous. In fact, nearly all pear trees that are grown for fruit are deciduous, meaning that the leaves drop when the tree is in dormancy. However, there are some pear cultivars (mostly ornamental) that are evergreen.

Why do pear tree leaves curl?

Pear tree leaves can curl because of the damaging activity of some pests (aphids, caterpillars etc.), due to a bacterial disease called Fire Blight and/or because of draught. Any of the previous factors alone or in combination with others can cause the curling of pear tree leaves.

Is pear tree ornamental?

Yes, there are some pear tree cultivars that are ornamental. They usually give a very low (if not zero) production of small sized fruits, but they are preferred for their wonderful flowers.

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