What are goats used for on a farm?

Goats are primarily raised for milk and meat. Many people also raise goats as pets. Finally, a small portion of farmers train goats to be working animals (e.g. pulling wheelbarrows) and some others take advantage of goats’ wool and waste.

Do female goats have horns?

Yes, some female goats of specific breeds have horns, so you cannot define the sex of a goat depending on the presence or absence of horns.

Do female goats have beards?

Yes, just like horns, some female goats of specific breeds have beards, so you cannot define the sex of a goat depending on the presence or absence of beards.

Do goats eat everything?

No, in some cases well fed mature goats are more selective than other domesticated animals. However, keep in mind that especially young goats will try to taste a great range of inedible things (e.g. plastic, clothes, etc.).

How long do domestic goats live?

The average goat lives 10-13 years, but can reproduce (and the females produce milk) from 1-1,5 until 7-9 years old. There are -of course- striking exceptions to these age limits. Generally, female goats tend to live a little longer than male goats.

How much does the average domestic goat weight?

Nobody can extract the average goat weight, because the weight depends on breed, sex and age. There are over 230 different breeds globally and nobody knows exactly the population of each breed. Most adult female goats weigh between 120 and 170 pounds (55 – 77kg), while most adult male goats weigh between 150 and 200 pounds (70 – 90kg). Some adult goats raised for meat can exceed 280 pounds (130 kg).

Can goats eat meat?

Some farmers claim that they daily offer meat to their goats, and they always look healthy and thriving. Any herbivorous animal can eat meat, but it does not need it to stay healthy. It is just a waste of resources.

Are goats herd animals?

Yes, and you should treat them like herd animals. This means that you should not raise just one goat, because this goat will probably end up being depressed, something that will lead in greater health problems.

How many breeds of goats are there in the world?

About 230

What do wild goats eat?

Pasture, young trees, grapes, hay, fruits.

What is the normal body temperature of goats?

101.3–103.5 °F (38.5–39.7 °C)

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