Why do bees die after they sting?

Because the stinger is attached to the honeybee’s inner parts, nerves, muscles and intestine. When the (worker) honeybee stings a human, the stinger is stuck to the human’s skin. Then, the honeybee instinctively tries to fly away, leaving behind a fraction of its inner parts, something that results in the honeybee’s instant death. However, this applies only to worker honeybees. A queen bee can sting multiple times without dying, due to different stinger provision. Nonetheless, a queen bee sting is very rare. Almost all stings to humans are caused by worker bees. Drones do not have a sting.

How long do honey bees live?

Queen: 3-5 years.

Worker Bees: 6 weeks during spring, summer and autumn and up to 4-5 months during winter.

Drones: They die soon after they mate. Maximum lifespan 4 months

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