Do apple seeds contain cyanide?

Apple seeds contain a substance which can be transformed into cyanide with the effect of human or animal digestive enzymes. However, there isn’t really a reason for concern. Accidentally eating a couple of apple seeds cannot poison any human or animal. Someone has to eat hundreds of apple seeds in order to get poisoned by cyanide.

Do apple trees have flowers?

Yes, and some of these flowers develop into the fruits we collect and eat.

Do apple trees lose their leaves?

Yes they do. They are deciduous (the opposite of evergreen) and so they lose their leaves seasonally.

How long do apple trees live?

The average healthy and well cared apple tree can live from 50 to 80 years. However, there are striking exceptions to this rule. Some apple trees have been reported to live for more than a century. An apple tree rarely produces many fruits after its 50th year of age.

How tall do apple trees grow?

Standard apple trees can reach a height of 25-35 feet (7,5 – 10 meters) or even more. Semi dwarf and dwarf trees reach a height of 7-20 feet (2-6 meters). If you have concerns on whether the apple tree you are about to plant will finally reach an obstacle (for instance power cables) you can choose a dwarf variety. Dwarf rootstocks yield fruits of normal size and they are perfectly suited for backyard gardeners.

How long does it take to take apples from trees?

As it happens in many other fruit trees (orange etc.), if you grow an apple tree from seed, you will normally not harvest any fruit for the first 7-10 years of its life. If you aim at harvesting apples, you may follow the method used by nearly all commercial apple growers, which is to buy grafted seedlings. In this case, you may harvest your first fruits in 1-2 years after planting the young seedling.

Are Apple Trees self-pollinating?

Nearly all apple trees are not self-pollinating. This means that you have to plant at least 2 trees of different varieties in your backyard in order to harvest fruits, if there isn’t any other apple tree at a close distance.

How many apples does an apple tree produce?

From 0 to over 800. A very good yield for a well-cared apple tree grown in a backyard is about 80-150 fruits per season. However, when cultivated commercially, with the effect of sophisticated pollination, fertilization, irrigation and plant protection methods, mature apple trees (older than 10 years old) can produce from 400 to over 800 (and in some cases over 1200) fruits in a season.

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