Partnership between Wikifarmer and ROBS4CROPS

Partnership between Wikifarmer and ROBS4CROPS


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Wikifarmer is always interested in building partnerships with organizations, universities, institutions, and projects worldwide. Our main goal is to democratize agriculture; we believe networking can help us achieve this. Wikifarmer and ROBS4CROPS are working together to promote new technologies in agriculture.

The most important challenge in European agriculture is the cost and scarcity of labour. Robots have replaced labour in several sectors of the economy. Agricultural robots have not yet reached widespread acceptance. The vision of ROBS4CROPS is an agricultural sector where robots will replace humans in all heavy and unpleasant work! From a technical point of view, agricultural robots do not reach their potential because they are used as stand-alone units rather than as part of a complete, innovative robotic system. From a non-technical point of view, agricultural robots do not fit well with current farming practices and agricultural standards are not supported by an ecosystem of stakeholders. ROBS4CROPS tackles technical challenges by creating a robotic farming solution that consists of three elements: smart implements, autonomous vehicles, and the farming controller. Existing agricultural implements and tractors will be upgraded so that they can function, together with existing agricultural robots, as parts of a robotic system.


We join forces with N.G.O.s, Universities, and other organizations globally to fulfill our common mission on sustainability and human welfare.