Partnership between Wikifarmer and HortiMED

Partnership between Wikifarmer and HortiMED


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Wikifarmer is always interested in building partnerships with organizations, universities, institutions, and projects worldwide. Our main goal is to democratize agriculture; we believe networking can help us achieve this. Wikifarmer and HortiMED are working together to promote circular horticulture.

HortiMED is a PRIMA Project (Grant Number 1915) funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project, coordinated by INKOA, counts with the participation of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries-NIOF (Egypt); the University Mohamed Khider, Biskra (Algeria) and the University of Deusto (Spain). HortiMED is driven by the requirements of the Mediterranean horticultural communities, the increased competition and urgent need for technological update, the climate-related constrains and the ever-growing food demand. HortiMED aims at providing the Mediterranean horticultural community with innovative tools to enable resource efficient year round greenhouse cultivation by harnessing the potential of advanced technologies for smart nutrient, irrigation & climate control, and integrated pest management taking into account their feasibility and cost-effectiveness at individual greenhouse level. HortiMED pivots around two main axes: 1-enabling smart greenhouse management through a Decision Support System that integrates sensors, smart algorithms, efficient greenhouse control procedures and applies artificial intelligence techniques for enhanced adaptive greenhouse management; and 2-increasing circularity of horticulture by using aquaponics to close the loop in Mediterranean greenhouses.HortiMED technologies will be validated in low, medium and high technology greenhouses from Egypt, Algeria and Spain to demonstrate their economic feasibility and environmental sustainability.


We join forces with N.G.O.s, Universities, and other organizations globally to fulfill our common mission on sustainability and human welfare.