Partnership between Wikifarmer and Biocyclic Vegan International

Partnership between Wikifarmer and Biocyclic Vegan International


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Wikifarmer is always interested in building partnerships with organizations, universities, institutions, and projects worldwide. Our main goal is to democratize agriculture; we believe networking can help us achieve this. Wikifarmer and Biocyclic Vegan International are working together to promote vegan farming.

Biocyclic Vegan International is a broad network of associations, private individuals, companies and institutions withthe common objective to establish and promote a sustainable, closed loop and vegan oriented form of organic farming by introducing the biocyclic vegan principles in all areas of agriculture and food production. Through its member associations in various countries, the network advises growers on the conversion to biocyclic vegan farming and raises public awareness of the benefits of this form of cultivation. In addition, it participates in research projects on humus accumulation and sustainable soil fertility increase through the use of biocyclic humus soil on a purely plant-based basis. The legal foundation of the International Biocyclic Vegan Network is the Berlin-based not-for-profit company Adolf-Hoops-Gesellschaft mbH who is the editor of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard and the owner of the Biocyclic Vegan Quality Seal.


We join forces with N.G.O.s, Universities, and other organizations globally to fulfill our common mission on sustainability and human welfare.