Partnership between Wikifarmer and Bees for Development

Partnership between Wikifarmer and Bees for Development


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Wikifarmer is always interested in building partnerships with organizations, universities, institutions, and projects worldwide. Our main goal is to democratize agriculture; we believe networking can help us achieve this. Wikifarmer and Bees for Development are working together to raise awareness regarding bees’ value for farming.

Bees for Development is the global charity which makes life better with bees. We started in 1993 to deliver free and reliable information, and this aspect of our work remains at our core. Through our online Resource Centre ( you can find all issues of Bees for Development Journal and how to subscribe. You can search our online library, access our manuals, guides, how-to videos, and fact sheets. Users’ enquiries are answered by our team of specialists. We have worked with so many beekeeping associations and groups over the years it is impossible to mention them all. Currently we are particularly proud to be working closely with our partners in Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Uganda and Zimbabwe. We support them in providing practical training in some of the world’s poorest communities. Together we work to link up remote producers to high value markets, to restore degraded land, to empower farmers to reduce their use of pesticides while increasing yields, to ensure this generation of leaders have their priorities straight, and to open the possibility of keeping bees for women, people with disabilities and even the most marginalised. Beekeeping becomes accessible for all when it is based on nature – that is when bees are free to swarm and take care of themselves, when simple hives are built with available natural materials, and where bees have access to a wide range of different flowering plants in an unpolluted environment. The Nature-based Beekeeping that we advocate means less work for the beekeeper, healthier honey bee populations and excellent harvest of clean, precious honey and beeswax.


We join forces with N.G.O.s, Universities, and other organizations globally to fulfill our common mission on sustainability and human welfare.