Partnership between Wikifarmer and Azerbaijan State Agricultural University (ADAU)

Partnership between Wikifarmer and Azerbaijan State Agricultural University (ADAU)


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Wikifarmer is always interested in building partnerships with organizations, universities, institutions, and projects worldwide. Our main goal is to democratize agriculture; we believe networking can help us achieve this. Wikifarmer and Azerbaijan State Agricultural University are working together to promote agricultural studies.

Azerbaijan State Agricultural University aims to develop systematized knowledge, skills, and habits, competitive agricultural specialists with modern thinking. The University is located in ancient Ganja, a modernized city while still preserving its great history. Azerbaijan State Agricultural University was established as a faculty in 1920 and became an independent higher education institution in 1929. The University offers studies at the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Degree levels and many research opportunities. The education system of the university consists of Agronomy, Soil science and agrochemistry, Veterinary medicine, Zoo engineering, Engineering, Agrotechnology, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and management faculties, correspondence education division, and master training center. The university provides education in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages for more than 6000 students from the different regions of the country and abroad. There are more than 300 foreign students from 11 countries of the world at Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. Modern and refurbished buildings, classrooms, labs, Veterinary clinic, Plant Clinic, Education and experimental farm (78.3 ha), scientific research centers, baseline libraries, and internships in innovative agribusiness companies provide high-quality education here.


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