Packing, Selling and Export of Dragon Fruits

The Dragon Fruit’s potential to trade in both domestic and export markets has been growing. The demand is at its peak level. Dragon Fruit Market is projected to register a CAGR of 3.9% over the forecast period (2022-2027). The increased popularity of the fruit globally constantly increases the demand for the product. Reportedly, the United States demands it increasingly. While in Europe, dragon fruit is relatively new and is not widely advertised, the market is becoming very promising and attracting more and more consumers. On the other hand, in Asia Pacific, dragon fruit dominates both in terms of production and consumption.

Process of Packing Dragon Fruit

  • Receives and Unloading at the Packing House

Loading and unloading of the fruits from the different farms. Identification of each area code. Record all the details of the received fruits.

  • Product Inspection, Selection, and Storage

This is when sorting happens based on fruit sizes, quality, variety, and classifications. The size grades used per country may differ. For example Vietnam is classifying the dragon fruits as:

Extra-large: over 500 g (17 oz)

Large: 380-500 g (13.4-17 oz)

Regular: 300-380 g (10.6-13.4 oz)

Medium: 260-300 g (9.2-10.6 oz)

Small: less than 260 g (9.2 oz)

Packing and Selling and Export of Dragon Fruits

  • Fruit Processing after Harvest

After sorting, the dragon fruit is dipped in a sterilized water bath containing OZON detoxifying detergent for 5-8 minutes and proceeded to dry. After these processes, the fruits are ready for packing. The fruits are categorized according to their sizes and are packed in 4 kg (8.8 lb) cardboard boxes or in 10 kg or 15 kg (22 or 33 lb) buckets. All buckets are sealed with adhesive tape to prevent insect infiltration.

  • Unloading, Sealing, Shipping, and Loading Containers

Dragon Fruits boxes will be loaded into reefer containers at the packing house. The shipping area is also securely sealed to prevent returning of the products to the factory. Loading and unloading areas must be closed to avoid insects entry.

  • Factory Sanitation, Human Hygiene

All areas are being disinfected and sanitized. Similarly, all workers should respect all hygiene measures.

  • Records management, logs, customer feedback, and periodic inspection

Maintain all logs and records of the operation for future reference purposes.

Top Country Exporter of Dragon Fruit

Vietnam is the largest Dragon Fruit supplier in the world, accounting for the highest share in Asia, Europe, and sometimes in the United States of America. Thailand and Israel are the second and third largest suppliers in the Europe market. Vietnam is the leading supplier to the Chinese market, and dragon fruit is one of the main fruit-exporting products of the country. In 2021, Vietnamese exports of dragon fruit reached 1.04 billion dollars. Around $925.7 million of that have obtained by selling the product to China, accounting for about 89 % of the total value. The production of Dragon Fruit in Vietnam was 1,198,854.1 metric tons in 2019, and it is projected to reach 1,706,065.3 metric tons by 2025. The Red Dragon of Vietnam is the most expensive type of dragon fruit with a nice and impressive appearance.

Top Country Consumer of Dragon Fruit

Today, China is the largest consumer of Dragon Fruit worldwide.

According to the Market World Research for the trends and forecast projection of this commodity in the next few years, the demand will further increase in the major markets like China, Thailand, and Indonesia and enter new markets like India, New Zealand, and Australia.




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Packing, Selling and Export of Dragon Fruits


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