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Orange tree is a citrus evergreen tree with a productive lifespan of 50-60 years. Some well-cared orange trees can live up to 100 years or more. Orange plant (Citrus x sinensis) belongs to the Rutaceae family. It is a flowering tree and its height in maturity can range between 16 and 50 ft. (between 5 and 15 m). Orange tree is grown mostly for its fruits, but also for its flowers and as an ornamental. Brazil is the world leader in orange production, as for every 4 oranges that are produced worldwide, more than 1 is produced in Brazil. However, the United States, Mexico, India and China are also great orange producers.

Orange trees, as all citrus, are trees with one main timber. Their principal arms normally sprout from the trunk at a height of 23-46 inches (60 to 120 cm) from the ground. Their shank is cylindrical and the crown of most cultivars is typically spherical, although the shape can vary depending on how the trees are pruned. Orange trees -although evergreen- are characterized by a tendency to constantly renew their foliage. During the first few years until the completion of the tree development, the annual amount of newly formed leaves is higher than that of old leaves that tend to fall. Young leaves come in light green colour and receive a deeper green colour gradually.  The fruit is a berry in orange coloured skin and orange to red flesh, depending on the variety. Both the surfaces of fruit and leaves is full of oleaginous glands, which give orange its characteristic smell.  Orange trees usually bloom in spring. Although they produce a large number of flowers, only a small percentage of these finally develop into ripe fruits. Orange flowers are normally white, with a very pleasant odour.

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