The ultimate set for your Mediterranean cooking - 3 + 3 Organic Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oils 500ml+ 2 jars Green Organic Olives + 2 jars Organic Kalamata Olives + 3 Organic Spices + Fleur de Sel

FREE SHIPPING : 3 x MANAKI 500 ml+ 3 x AMFISSIS Organic EVOO 500 ml+ 4 jars of Organic Olives + 3 Organic Spices ( Mountain Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme ) + Fleur de Sel
From: Greece
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Certified Organic Product
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  Drosia, Attica, Greece
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All the basics :
Use the fruity MANAKI EVOO from North Peloponnesos raw and the AMFISSIS EVOO from Central Greece for cooking. Or vice versa. Try them in different ways in order to find your favorite combination.
Mix the two different olive varieties in the famous Greek Salad.
Elevate the taste of your dishes by using the DELINIO Mountain Oregano or Thyme, coming from Mount Olympus.
The Organic Rosemary is another must for every cook.
Last but not least : AFRINA - this is the Fleur de Sel from Western Greece.

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