Tagliatelle with Cuttlefish Ink 250gr - Greek Product, 15pcs

100% Semolina, Cuttlefish Ink , salt, pepper
From: Greece
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  Thessaloniki, Greece
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Tagliatelle with Cuttlefish Ink. We use hard varieties of wheat grown. We follow the traditional recipe for pasta, an open hug ready to fit the most exquisite and pure ingredients that will give them unique flavor, aroma and color. The pasta is hand-made and in small quantities, without preservatives and additives, dried for 12-16 hours. All the nutrients and fragrances of the Greek countryside are unmistakable.
Calories per 100gr : 377 kcal

It can be combined ideally with Smoked Salmon, but also with Tuna. Unique delight "Garidomakaronada!