Rigatoni with Black Garlic, 250gr - 25pcs

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We combined our Innovative Pasta with the "Mega Super-Food" - BLACK GARLIC.

Black garlic: the dark Super Food

Already characterized as "super food" due to its antioxidant power and its dual nutritional and healing properties in relation to white garlic, black garlic also appears in our country and gains the impressions in the field of gastronomy and healthy eating.

It is a fermentation result of white garlic at high temperatures and high humidity levels for about a month. Then, to achieve a sweet taste, the garlic is left to oxidize in a special room for another 45 days. No chemical or preservative is added to it. It's a perfectly natural product.

Black garlic has a sweet and pleasant smoky taste. The intense smell and spicy flavor of garlic have disappeared during the fermentation process.

We chose the "Ideal" scheme to combine it !!! the "Rigatoni".

Its gourmet taste blends flawlessly with its sophisticated look! It's a Perfect Gift Offer. The Impressive & Simple Practice of Packaging makes it totally Impressive whether at Christmas or Easter, or at a Nominal Feast. It is the ideal companion in meat, poultry & vegetables.