Passion forest honey
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  Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki, Greece
Passion honey is a Greek beekeeping family business that loves nature and quality of life. Thanks to the advantageous location of our beekeping apiary, the mountainous area of Cholomontas in Chalkidiki, where 212,480 acres are protected and designated as a Special Protection Zone according to the NATURA 2000 wildlife shelter, we were inspired by the beauty of nature and we dealt with one of its most important gifts, bees and honey. The lush mountain of Cholomontas is covered with chestnuts, marshmallows, oak trees, pines, firs and more than 1000 varieties of aromatic plants and herbs, all... More
Pasta fresca in Puglia
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  Giovinazzo, Bari, Italy
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  Bharuch, Gujarat, India
Patima olive oil
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  Apokoronas, Chania, Greece
Patima attempts to bring a pure product of excellent quality and taste to the global market by working directly with the farmers and the primary sector in order to ensure a high value olive oil at the best price available for its customers. We do not stock! Yes we are thinking globally but we will not tolerate lower quality! Our production theory combines fulfilling our customers needs with fresh yearly cropped olive oil! The extraction happens between December and January. After the product’s evaluation, happening in collaboration with the farmers, the Patima team chooses only the best... More
Petra Fish (Ψαρια Πετρας / პეტრას თევზეული)
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  Batumi, Georgia
The fresh seafood fishing and trading company Petra Fish L.L.C. is a model, family business, which is based in Adjaria, Georgia. Petra Fish is the only fresh fish processing company in the region that is certified with ISO 22000:2018/HACCP. Today it operates in Batumi and in the central market of Tbilisi, from there the service of home delivery is offered. # Georgia: Orders received before 17:00 will be delivered next day from 10:00 to 18:00 subject of availability of products # Europe and Caucasus: Orders received before 17:00 will be delivered within 3 days subject of availability of... More
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  Kragujevac, Serbia
Our company produces and sells goat milk soaps as well as beeswax-based creams.
PG Mirilov
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  Bačko Gradište, Srbija, Serbia
PG Vesna Radin
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  Stapar, Vojvodina, Serbia
Philomelia Honey
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  Filippiada, Preveza, Greece
“PHILOMELIA” Our story. Everything started as a game, when I was just 16 years old (2011). I was amazed by the bee world. Creating a bee colony and monitoring how this world grows and survives, was something truly spectacular. Without a beekeeping history running in our family, I had to learn the old-fashioned way. This meant helping former, experienced beekeepers. In this way, I was able to closely observe the process of integrated production and I was once more fascinated by the process of beekeeping. I was also able to realize how to create a product from scratch, and, even more, the... More
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  Metamorfosi, Attica, Greece
Superior quality, nutritious and tasty Mediterranean fish at an affordable price Philosofish is a prominent stakeholder in the Greek aquaculture sector producing 16,000tns annually of top quality sea bream and sea bass. Our fish grow with the utmost care in the pristine Greek seas while their proximity to the shore guarantee they are packed within minutes from harvest and delivered fresh to our clients. With a focus on sustainability, fish welfare, traceability, certification, and social impact, we are proud of our innovative production techniques and always strive to meet the needs of our... More
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  Gafsa, Tunisia
The approach of Laboratoires Phytoessentia is part of changing our consumption habits in order to return to an attitude more respectful of the environment and of our body by maintaining the minimum waste. Our products are made, molded, cut and packaged by hand, with the best care. Our soaps as well as our other products dedicated to hygiene and well-being are 100% natural, without animal testing, the vast majority of which is vegan and zero waste. They are part of a process of respect for the environment and living beings.
Piccoli Frutti dei Castelli Romani
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  Velletri, Roma, Italy
We produce fresh blueberries during season - june-september. We also process fresh fruit into jam and juice.
Pinhal da Torre Vinhos S.A.
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  Alpiarça, 16, Portugal
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  Pune, Maharastra, India
Pinto Growers
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  Tecoman, colima, Mexico
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  Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Greece
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  Idukki, Kerala, India
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  Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla, Spain
Natural products from medical plants, lavandar, rosemary, thyme, basil.... Our products consist on soaps, candles, essentials oils, all of them 100% natural and organic. We also sell organic medical plants.
Plant Green Egypt
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  Giza, Egypt
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  Douala, Cameroon