Olympic Terra International
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  Neo Irakleio Attikis, Attica, Greece
Welcome to the wonderful world of Olympic Terra Superfoods! Α family-owned company, born in Greece of the crisis, believing in entrepreneurship and restart abandoned primary agricultural sector. Our goal is to create premium products with Healthy features that challenge all five senses. The experience begins as soon as you open the jar and let the delicate scent overwhelm you and charm you. And that ... is only the beginning! Following is a special ritual that will take off the flavor and become your favorite habit! Our Company combines the fruits of biological Aronia – Chokeberry... More
Om Biotech
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  Nipani, Karnataka, India
Omega Agricultural Services
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  Gulu, Uganda
Oneiro Trading
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  Dinajpur, Bangladesh
We can export performed rice, Lichi, Mango & other crops which produce in Bangladesh
OPG Natura Eco
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  Osijek, Osječko-baranjska, Croatia
OPG Šopar
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  Murako Središće, Croatia
Orbin Art - The Artificial World
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  Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Oregano DesKati
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  Deskati, Grevena, Greece
My oregano is grown on the mountain Deskati of Grevena at an altitude of 860m. This village belongs to western Macedonia. Its aroma is very intense due to the climatic conditions and soil characteristics (mountain and stone). Its color is dark green due to the wild environment. Harvesting and processing is done by hand, so that the result is as traditional as possible and reminds us of the oregano we once picked from the mountain.
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  Γιαννιτσά, Pella, Greece
Organic Farm Boulder Creek
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  Boulder Creek, California, United States
Organic Origin Tea Bangladesh
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  Panchagarh, BD, Bangladesh
Organic Windy Valley
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  Esenler, Istanbul, Turkey
Organicos de la Mixteca
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  Asunción Nochixtlán., Oaxaca, Mexico
Orillet Foods International
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  Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Oshuulo Trading Enterprise
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  Oshakati, Oshana, Namibia
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  Belgrade, Serbia
We are a Serbian company with branches in Egypt and Thailand, trading fruits and vegetables across all continents. We are ready to fulfill requests sourced from Egypt, Serbia, and Thailand, and soon from Turkey as well.
Oxusprojects India
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  Bangalore, Ka, India
Pachan Organicos
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  Baza, Granada, Spain
Pak Fresh Farms
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  Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan
Pak Jinnah Cooperation
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  Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan