Natura's Gardens
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  Belfast, County Antrim, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Nature Smile Farm
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  Ruse Rousse, Sofia, Bulgaria
My name is Georgi and I am engaged in the production and trade of honey and bee products. The honey that i produce is a bouquet of different types of herbs, flowers from trees and plants. The bees have collected the pollen from: sunflower, acacia, lavender, coriander, lime, donkey thistle and others.In Bulgaria there is a rich variety of over 1100 species of honey plants, 650 of which have healing properties. That is why Bulgarian honey is characterized by extremely high taste qualities so high that the importers use it as an enhancer of the mass honey sold in their countries.
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Nejia E.F
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  Korba, Nabeul, Tunisia
We are a company specialized in producing high quality floral water and essential oils with very competitive prices, based in Korba Tunisia, we aim to make our products available for consumers all over the world.
Nepal Veterinary Medicine Distributors
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  Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal
Nerijus Blazys Farm
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  Giedriai, Jurbarko r., Lithuania
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  Nairobi, Kenya
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  Plateaux, Niamey, Niger
Nikolaos Eleftheroglou
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  Vardas, Elis, Greece
Since 2010 we are extracting the olive oil from our owned olive trees of Koroneiki olive variety and take it to the olive press and after to the bottling factory. The quality of our olive oil is extremely nice and wonderful. The fact that our olive oil has been certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil cannot be ignored!! The Angelic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has acidity level equal to 0.42, which means high quality of the olive oil and we follow the grading standards ensuring that you get a bottle or box of the most authentic olive taste (pungent and fruity) to lead you to a delicious meal.
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  Haskovo, Sofia, Bulgaria
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  Bafoussam, Cameroon
Nopal Zaafrana Company
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  Kalaa Kebira, Sousse, Tunisia
Nopal Zaafran Company is a company established in Tunisia since 2011, specializing in the production of plant natural oils, obtained by first cold mechanical pressure without using any adjuvant and following production standards ensuring the preservation of their organoleptic and physicochemical qualities. We produce such a high quality Prickly pear seed. We produce, also, sweet almond oil, castor oil, Nigella oil, blessed thistle oil, and other oils.
Nour Farm
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  Boukadir, Algeria
NS Africa Growers & Exporters
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  Alexandria, Egypt
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  Βukoba, Κagera, Tanzania, United Republic of
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  Hyderabad, Telangana, India
O celeiro dos amigos do moinho
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  Torres Novas, Santarém, Portugal
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  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
Oasis Consulting Limited (Oasis) is a company registered under companies Act of United Republic of Tanzania with its head office in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, 6 th Floor, PSSSF House along Samora and Morogoro roads.OASIS Consulting Limited exporting agricultural products department is specializes in Agricultural products for growing , collecting ,packing and some processing. We have over ten product categories (Pure Natural Honey, Coffee , Cocoa, Soy ,Ginger, garlic and type of horticulture products (Avocado, pineapple, onions ) also the capability in developing made to order products to suit... More
Oaxaca Gold
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  Oaxaca, Mexico
Oceans Republic Company Limited
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  Hanoi, Viet Nam
Manufacturer and Exporter of eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable products. Majorly exports bamboo made products from Vietnam to the rest of the world. Connected with several largest logistics companies. Ships worldwide. A young and dynamic company with a mission of ending single usage of plastic. Participates in ocean cleanup.