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  Athens, Attica, Greece
Our newly found company CrystalNet is founded in 2019 and is already successfully active in the sector of production and bottling of organic and extra virgin olive oil that comes from the historical area of Asopos in Laconia. Our olive oil trees are located in a fertile plain, protected from the slopes of the mountain Kourkoula. We have the organic and extra virgin olive oil with the brand name “Lacon”. We export olive oil nationally to e-shops, retail stores and restaurants, as well as to international markets.
Lafi Company
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  Meknasdy, Sidi bouzid, Tunisia
Lakshmi Traders
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  Mysore, Karnataka, India
Lapin Tahla
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  Tahla, Taza, Morocco
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Leanlands Limited
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  Nairobi, Kenya
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  Mytilene, Lesvos, Lesbos, Greece
We are the Giakali family that deals with the olive cultivation and the production of high quality olive oil for more than 40 years. Looking into the taste and the quality of the olive oil of the past, we created LESVION, the innovative lesbian olive oil. Our ambition is to introduce this original and excellent quality we produce in every corners of the world, to taste it, to make it well known and to help it gain the position that it deserves inside the marketplace. The cultivation of olives and therefore the basis for our LESVION is as old as the history of our island, the home of the... More
Lezi - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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  Valyra, Messinia, Greece
At the foot of Ithomi Mountain, on step away from Ancient Messini, there is one small picturesque village called Lezi, also known nowadays as Lambena. It is very easy to be enchanted by its stone architecture, its spectacular view or its countless olive groves that surround it. Theodoropoulos family would not imagine anything else but to name their exquisite olive oil, Lezi. The whole journey started on their first olive grove in the area of Lambena around 1947 by grandfather Thanasis. He took care of his olive trees with his bare hands and a lot of love and care. A decisive role in the... More
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  Batna, Algeria
Librería Loíza
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  Loíza, PR, Puerto Rico
Limboz Food
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  Vadaviyala, Gujarat, India
Linas Paulavicius
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  Jonavos raj, Lithuania
Link Doo
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  Nova Varos, Serbia
Litmus Farms
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  Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Lituanian Farm
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  Pakruojis, Šiauliai, Lithuania
Liyana organics
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  Bluff,Durban, kwazulu natal, South Africa
LongField Farm
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  Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
Louati Farms
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  Sidi Thabet, Ariana, Tunisia
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  Saint-Tropez, Var, France
Luckwin Trademart Private Limited
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