Eco Style Sourcing Ltd.
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  Dhaka, Bangladesh
Eco-Fruit Malaga
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  Málaga, Spain
The plantation is 100% organic: we do not use any type of herbicide or artificial fertilizers: 100% natural. It is one of the first plantations in the area: Jesús Jurado, grandfather, began pioneer of these tropical crops: avocado and mango, on family land. This has been possible thanks to his great work and the microclimate of this region (unique in Europe): L ’Axarquia is located between the Costa Tropical and the Costa del Sol, in southern Andalusia.
Ecorizen, Lda
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  Braga, Portugal
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  San Roque, Cádiz, Spain
Édesburgonya Farm Kft
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  Pannonhalma, Hungary
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  Xanthi, Greece
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  Cairo, Egypt
EGYTRADE for General Trading
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  Sheikh zayed, Cairo, Egypt
Egytrade is Agri products exporters from Egypt include fruits, vegetables spices and herbs. We are planting, processing, packaging, supplying, exporting and tracking every shipment of our products to ensure the final highest quality and the lowest possible cost.
El Colorado
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  Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico
El Magani Apiary
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  Mornag, Ben Arous, Tunisia
El Mercado de Origen
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  Madrid, Spain
We process manually each order individually when you buy our products.
El-Araab Group
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  Cairo, Egypt
Elarrab Group for Quail Meat Production We specialize in raising and selling quail meat. More than 15 years of experience in production. We have frozen quail, different weights for orders and quantities. Supplying all kinds of quail meat, white quail, Japanese brown quail.
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  Thessaloniki, Greece
We are the third generation of olive oil producers! Our olive trees are located in the mountainous region of Sterna, near Kalamata.
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  ASOPOS - MONEMVASIA, Laconia, Greece
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  Crete, Chania, Greece
ELEOFARM Cretan olive oil, an ingredient worldwide famous for its outstanding taste, high digestibility, and health properties. It is rich in monounsaturated fat and thus highly beneficial for our physical well-being. Its production entails the direct pressing of fresh olives in a mill. Once the resulting oil extract starts changing colour (cloudy/ unfiltered oil), the high-quality level becomes apparent. Our exclusive olive oil production is made through purely mechanical methods, using cold extraction without applying a chemical treatment. We always ensure that the final product is of... More
Ellia's Organics
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  Lixouri, Cephalonia, Greece
Family farm business based in Kefalonia island, Greece. We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil of premium quality and organic. Our farming practices are based on biodynamic system. Our aim is the support of the human connection with nature, with respect to all animals and plants and a more sustainable way of living.
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  HERAKLION, Heraklion, Greece
Our export licensed company cooperates with local certified producers. Our product list consists of extra virgin olive oil from Crete, Greek olives, olive paste - tapenade, honey from Crete, olive oil soap, carob products, mountain herbs, essential oil from local mountain plants, lip balm, bee wax cream and other products. We can provide invoice and/or simple retail receipt. We cooperate with DHL for small orders and truck service for bigger ones. Samples available upon request sent to business address only.
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  GERAKAS, Attica, Greece
Olive tree is a symbol of civilization and culture all around the Mediterranean Region. In order to be more fruitful, olive trees are pruned, and the cut off branches are used as a fireplace fuel. However, inside of discarding these branches, we saw the opportunity to create a unique type of packaging which reunites the olive oil with the branch it came from. This is our way to protect and cherish what we love. After two years of hard work we have developed our new premium Olive Oil serie product, an olive wooden bottle which is the best packaging for olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil... More
Elnagar Farme
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  sadat, Monofia, Egypt
Olive Trading Company
Elvita Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative
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  Narra, Palawan, Philippines
seller of rice